Know about the laws of Online Gambling Malaysia

Online Gambling Malaysia

Gambling means staking or betting of something valuable. Betting results in either loss or gain. Internet gambling or Online Gambling Malaysia is a type of gambling which is done through different online sites.  This type of gambling includes casinos, sports betting, and betting on poker, etc. via different internet working devices. Online gambling has become very much popular in Malaysia these days.

Online gambling laws in Malaysia

As online gambling is very much loved in Malaysia it is also very interesting to know that online gambling is completely illegal in this country. However many people are doing it anyways in Malaysia. Infact, many people are betting it daily now. This does not mean that you are not safe to do any type of online gambling, but for it, you just need to be aware of different laws related to gambling in your country and have to take related precautions to do it.
There has been several protests taken place in the country to ban gambling but it is still going on in the country. Thus it becomes very important for the people of Malaysia to know and understand about the different laws of the country in online betting or gambling if you are interested in doing it.

Civil contract law for online gambling Malaysia

The Law states that any form of wagering and gambling should be avoided in the country. So if you lose the bet you can’t ask for any legal help by the country. E.g. If the person refused to pay back the amount you have won, you can’t take any legal action against him or her. And even if you try to do so there are chances you can put into the jail.

Betting act 1953

The law states that gambling is illegal in Malaysia. Even if you are trying to do telecommunication and transmit the bets, you can get into some serious problems. The act covers all the loopholes from left to right, thus it is impossible to escape from this. The act says that if you are caught while doing any type of gambling you have to pay money up to 2000,000 Ringgit and can be jailed up to 5 years.

Common gaming house act 1953

The act is made to focus on penalizing all those people who are operating games and betting in the gaming house or even to the entire individual who is caught in such acts. If are caught playing in the gaming house you will be fined up to 5000 ringgits and have to go to jail for 6 months right after that. The term gaming house is different than a betting house.
Anyways it is very hard to place the gaming websites under this category. Again if you have been seen and caught there walking or not gambling around, there are chances that you may not get prisoned for the same again. But if you get caught in gambling there the punishment remains the same.

These are some of the laws for Online Gambling Malaysia.

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