Ocean King 2 Fish Hunter

The game play returns 16 old characters from other original Ocean King games, including: Lion Fish, Lantern Fish, Flounder, Snapper, Clown Fish, Fugu, Devilfish, Butterfly Fish, Sea Turtle, Saw Shark, Lobster, Octopus, Shark, Overlord Humpback Whale, Killer Whale and a revised version of Bomb Crab!
New characters included in the Ocean King 2 include Fire Dragon and Electromagnetic Cannon Crab, and there is also a new feature of the game where low profit fish, such as Clown Fish, Butterfly Fish and Fugu, are super sized – this makes them harder to kill and worth more points.

The game also features with more powerful weapons, includes:

- Drill Cannon - ricochets from one side of the screen to the next, damaging and/or killing everything in it's path. Once it has travelled as much as it can, it explodes taking even more fish.

- Chain Explosion Crab - otherwise known as Bomb Crab. This revised character weapon doesn't just explode once like in the original, it explodes a whopping 3 times, moving around the screen with each explosion! This is capable of killing all fish in range with a maximum of x10 credits to players for huge point earning potential!

- Flamestrike De-Buff - this feature appears at random. Players must shoot the weapon in the specified time and they will be eligible to get Double Score or Extension of Shooting time, making this a key weapon for achieving high scores.

- Never-before seen mini-game called Battle in the Golden City, which is free to enter. The game appears randomly and players must catch the fish within the time limit. Score potential is unlimited and players can get rewards, such as Double Treasure Chests!

How to play:

- player aim related net gun the fishy targets. 
- when player has lined up a target, hit the ‘SHOOT’ button to try and catch the fish as they swim by. 
- player can also use the ‘WEAPON’ change button to change the type of gun and net size they are using – there are three main guns which players can switch between at any time during the game.

Try it in Club Suncity now!

Ocean King 2 Fish Hunter Ocean King 2 Fish Hunter Reviewed by 4D malaysia on August 24, 2017 Rating: 5


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